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Hand Made Dog Collars, Bracelets and Hatbands  

 with Precious and Semi-Precious  Gemstones

 Our gems are all natural and we search all over the world to bring home the highest quality stones to apply to your collars and bracelet cuffs which are constructed in the USA.   Not all gems are available in all sizes.   Some stones are more fragile than others, and in larger sizes they can break or fracture.

Update: We can provide genuine Kingman turquoise in either blue or green.  Prices will be quoted depending on stone size, quality and availability. 

We look forward to designing a dog collar, bracelet or hatband that will be a unique piece of jewelry that you and your pet would love to wear. The pictures below are just a small sample of the quality and color of our gemstones.

Please contact us @ 702-433-2683 to talk about your ideas.


 Book of Gems Click Here

Click on any gem below to  see our full selection of stones and our “Book of Gems” with descriptions of Psychic and Healing powers of Gemstones.


BALTIC AMBER –  Million year old Baltic Amber
AMETHYST – Untreated gem quality Amethyst

AMETHYST gemstone - Custom Dog Collars & Cuffs with Amethyst gemstone

GREEN SEA SEDIMENT JASPER – Natural Green Sea Sediment Jasper

GREEN SEA SEDIMENT JASPER - Natural Green Sea Sediment Jasper Custom Dog Collars & Cuffs

MALACHITE – Very clear swirl and eye Malachite
MALACHITE gemstone - Custom dog collars & cuffs with Malachite stones
RUBY IN FUCHSITE – Beautiful genuine Ruby in Fuchsite
RUBY IN FUCHSITE gemstones - Custom dog collars & cuffs with ruby in fuchsite stones
TURQUOISE IN COPPER – Extremely rare
TURQUOISE IN COPPER gemstone - Custom dog collars & Cuffs with Turquoise in copper stones

Click Here For more beautiful gemstones for your custom dog collars & cuffs.