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Bracelet Cuffs

Custom Made Jeweled Leather Bracelet Cuffs

Jeweled Leather Cuff Bracelets and wristbands are hand made using 3 layers of soft kidskin or dry-kilned calf leather and lined with lambskin or ultra-soft deerskin for that luxurious feeling against your skin and set with the gems of your choice. 




Bracelet cuffs are made from 3 layers of supple but strong glove grade kidskin or dry-kilned calf leather and lined with genuine lambskin or ultra-soft deerskin for the ultimate in comfort.  Since all of our leather goods are created from scratch, the items shown in the “gallery” are just a small example of the types of combinations that are available.  Precious or semi-precious gems adorn your exclusive designed cuff, and will be sized to fit your wrist exactly to the measurement you specify. We also will do the GOTH style, and can match your cuff to a dog collar design. We like to add our gemstones to the item rather than just spikes or studs which will make your cuff a “one of a kind” treasure.

Looking for a exotic snake skin cuff ?

Sea snake leather custom made cuff - wristband made in USA. JeweledLeathers, fine custom made exotic skin & leather cuffs







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